Can I leave my Hi-cap on?

I have a full chrome bumper set, I wanna ask if I can leave my Hi-cap on connected to the preamp while it is not connected to the power amp,as my power amp is in the shop doing checkup. Will there be any Damage done to it if i leave it on not connected to the power amp?

No problem at all.

On the hand, if the power amp is in the shop, why bother? It’ll only take 24-48hrs to warm up the preamp again.

Cuz the hicap got recapped last few days ago. If I want to plug the poweramp back in ill need to switch off the hicap then connect it? If you said there is no problem at all, Should I unplug the socket 3 on the hicap?

you can leave the HC on while reconnecting the power amp. Just make sure the power amp is off when you do this.

alright thanks. So i leave the 4 pin alone on the socket 3 of the hicap and let it run

Switching off for a few minutes while you re-connect shouldn’t make much difference to the warm up. However, it’s fine to leave the Hicap powered up if that’s what you prefer.

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