Can I put 192 kWh WAV file into my Naim Uniti Core?

Just double checking the capability of the Naim Uniti Core. I have yet to download a HiRes recording. I’m considering downloading music from Reference Recordings either a FLAC or WAV version at 192 kHz / 24 bit. Can my Naim Uniti Core handle that?

Also, does it mind that the version of WAV that I’m downloading is not in Naim’s proprietary version of WAV? Instead it is a standard version of WAV. I do have the option to download in FLAC but everything I own is in WAV so I’d prefer to stay with WAV.

Lastly, where do I put my downloaded file?

The Core will be perfectly happy with it. Put it in the downloads folder.

Just bear in mind that if you need to edit any metadata you cannot use the Core to do this. It can only edit CD rips, so use a different metadata editor if you need to.

I’m pretty sure the core won’t be happy with 192 kilowatt hour put into it. :joy:



Hi Janet

As @HungryHalibut says, it’s fine to put a 192 kHz download, whether it’s WAV or Flac and whether it’s the Naim flavour of WAV or not, into the Download folder. Normally you have a sub-folder per album. You can find the Download folder next to the Music/MQ folder where the Core puts its own rips.

As Chris mentions, you will need to use a metadata editor running on your PC if you want to change any of the metadata of a download. You can point the editor at the Core’s download folder and edit in situ, you don’t need to move the files first. Once you have saved the edits, the Core should find them automatically within a couple of minutes and the download will appear in your Albums listing in the Core.

You may find that with a Wav file the album artwork doesn’t show up. It’s a peculiarity of the Core that it needs the Wav artwork to be in the sub-folder where the music is, to be called folder.jpg and to be no larger that 1000x1000 pixels ( it can be slightly more than 1000 but I never remember exactly what). If the artwork is already embedded in the metadata of the Wav files, then the artwork may just work without you doing anything.

It will work fine. Put in the Downloads folder. You do not need any metadata editor. Put the files there, name them any way you want, done.

To be more accurate, if the Wav files don’t have embedded metadata then you don’t need a metadata editor but you do have to make sure the artwork confirms as per my last post. If the Wav files do have metadata embedded or if they are flac files, then you do need a metadata editor to change the metadata.

Alternatively you can just add a USB drive with the hi-res files onboard.

DavidHendon yes you are correct. You need the metadata editor if the files have metadata you do not like. In most cases (90%) I don’t change anything but in some cases the files have had wacky metadata and I needed an editor to change it.

I love my Naim Core. In most cases it just works period. Sounds great, built great. And it works with a large library. I have roughly 7tb on mine and no issues at all (knock on wood…).

So happy to have this good information! Thanks to all :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now to buy that download!

Just in case anyone is curious:

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