Can I setup Uniti Atom HE for both wired and WiFi connections?

Based on other Forum comments, I THINK the Atom HE should support wired network streaming when the hardwire connection is in place, and should default to WiFi when the wired network connection is removed from the device. I just received the device and am about to set it up. For the initial set up I will proceed with the wired network connection.

Once the wired set up is complete, will WiFi connection work by default? Or are there additional set-up steps required to ensure the Atom HE will support both wired and WiFi connectivity?

You have to setup the WiFi specifically if you want that to work, basically telling it which WiFi SSID to use and what the password is. With wired Ethernet, you don’t have these details: it’s there or it isn’t…

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I have the Atom HE, it’s as David says, all you need is your wifi password, it’s an easy set up, works great on wifi. Great headphone amp.

I have both set up on mine, so that it’s ready for immediate wireless use when I want to use it away from its usual place on the desk. Seems to work fine.

Michaeb, glasnaim and davidhendon, thank you all for the feedback. Sounds like it’ll work both networked by hardwire and by wifi, as needed. That’s great news. I will be setting up the device later this evening and am excited to start enjoying it!!

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