Can I? (Uniti Core)

Can I easily convert my ripped wav files to flac? Or is that just a poor idea?

It’s not a function that the Core can provide out of the box (unless you want to re-rip all of your collection).

Personally, since the newer generation of streamers (NDX2 onwards), I’ve not been able to tell a difference between WAV and FLAC rips, so have used FLAC as a format for my rips for several years. FLAC makes the rips a little more portable in case I decide to shift my collection to a different server).

There are a number of applications that will convert WAV to FLAC, using the folder and file names as a guide for matching correct metadata. DB PowerAmp is the one that I’ve got - I’ve not tried batch conversions, but individual albums have been ok. Others have reported that SongKong was very helpful with reading the Naim metadata files that the Core creates and writing that metadata into FLAC files.


You need to say more for anyone to be able to answer. What are you trying to achieve? Do you mean using the Core or to use with the Core? Why are you thinking you need to change from WAV to FLAC?

Lots of us here could write an essay with all the possible answers to all the questions, but if you can refine what you are trying to do then we won’t have to spend so long writing things that aren’t of any interest to you. Like @JonoB just did.

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Thanks Jono.

Just as I’d thought. I am happy with WAV but was looking for a little more portability.

Thanks David, Jono had it nailed. I’m going to leave this and move back on to solving world peace.

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I found that using FLAC made the metadata identification a lot more successful when I pointed Roon at the Core music Share and Store that I’ve configured.

Why not set it to rip to flac from now on? That would at least give you portability for the new stuff.

I’m not sure there’s much point. I rarely buy a new CD now, mostly downloads from Bandcamp.

Fair enough. At least they go in the downloads folder, where you can edit them as required without Naim’s silly constraints on rips.

I ripped my Core cd’s using WAV. Using the SongKong Naim/Melco program I now have the artwork showing up on a portable player I use for my car. The files remain in WAV but SongKong attaches a new folder for the artwork. Not sure this helps in your situation though.

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That’s interesting, will look that up. Thanks quad57.

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