Can I use a Flatcap for this,

I have an Olive NAP 140, NAC
72 and Hi-Cap plus CD5i and NDX. Can I use a brand new Flatcap for the two source components with the pre amp? I suspect not.

The HC and amp have been recapped within the last 18mths.

If not, what would you suggest to be able to use the Flatcap?

Would a new Nait be an upgrade on the Olives?


You can’t upgrade the CD5i with a PSU, and the NDX requires an XPS, so the Flatcap is no use to you here.
The 72/140 is a great amp, if it’s in good condition I wouldn’t change it for a Nait.

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Thanks ChrisSU

No options in your current system to add a Flatcap; but a Flatcap XS is near-brilliant with a Headline — it is what I have. Hicap is better, though, if you have the money.

Flatcap XS may benefit a CD5XS and/or a NAT05XS. Possibly.


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