Can I use a naim highline instead of a SNAIC

Good evening. After selling my NDX I now have a highline cable with no use. Can I use it instead of the SNAIC to connect my hicap to my supernait 2 ?

No, the Hi-line is an interconnect, so cannot be used in place of a SNAIC.

Hi Richard, no you can’t. HiLine cable carries signal only. SNAIC is unique to the Naim world in that it carries both power and signal. If you look closely you’ll see that the pins in the plug are differently spread out with SNAIC vs HiLine, so it won’t fit the input sockets anyway. Naim designed this intentionally to prevent such mistakes being made. You may be able to use the HiLine to connect another source component to the SuperNait if that source also has a DIN output, otherwise they reach decent prices on the bay…

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