Can I use a V1 Dac as a headphone amp with ND555?

I have an ND555 and I have connected the digital out to a Naim V1, but the V1 is showing no input signal. Do I have to redirect the output from the ND555 to digital BNC (presumably via the Naim app), and does this disable the DIN output from ND555?

I use a ND555 into a DAC V1 digital out from the ND555 to digital in on the DAC V1. Just use the Naim app to switch the ND555 to digital out for headphone listening. Obviously ensure the DAC V1 is set correctly with regard to input etc.This does disable the the DIN output.

The dealer reconfigured the DAC V1 remote volume setting so that is does not operate the volume on my then 252 and my recently acquired 552.

Thanks for the prompt reply pcd. In your experience, does having 2 outputs enabled simultaneously have an effect on sound quality?

Sorry, I misread your reply, it does disable the DIN out, so my question is redundant. Thanks.

When you switch to digital out for headphone use this disables the DIN output just tried it on my ND555.

Trust this helps.

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