Can I use the outer plastic sleeves as inner sleeves?

I ordered wrongly outer sleeves ( for the cover albums) instead of inner anti static sleeves for my lps.
I wonder if I can use these outer sleeves as inner sleeves, after cutting a part?
The plastic is different from the inner sleeves, maybe it’s not good for the lps?

The outer sleeves are made from a much harder plastic than the anti-static inner sleeves. Don’t use them, I would be afraid they would damage (scratch) my lp’s.


I wouldn’t risk it.


No. Either return them - or use as intended… :astonished:


Thanks guys, I tend to feel this like you.

Can’t believe this is asked especially on a HI-Fi forum. :scream:
Send them back. :roll_eyes:

Actually, far less ‘silly’ than many of the questions asked on here… IMO.
But… YMMV… :expressionless:


You are right, I will ask Richard to close that topic. I asked because I opened the package it and cut one sleeve. Can’t return. My question is now answered. I was however curious.

They wouldn’t fit inside a sleeve in any case, FR.

They come in handy for those damaged covers. I use them opening down, they slide in and out the rack better that way at the cost of having to remove them to get the record out.

I cut a bit and it fits inside. But now all people tend to agree it can damage the lp. If one day I have to sell some records, I will use these outer sleeves. But personally I prefer a cover without it.

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I have a plastic cover on every LP that I own - obviously not box sets, and it can be a bit tricky to squeeze the sleeve of a double LP or triple LP set into the cover. Although the plastic covers and the cardboard sleeves tend to vary in size, so a bit of squeezing and squashing usually does the trick (as the bishop said to the actress).