Can I use use Narcom5 for nac 92r

Hello, I am a newbie here, and I have been looking for a replacement remote handset for my Nac 92r, and heard the Narcom 5 will accommodate my needs. If I purchase one, will it require setting up in any way?
Thanks for reading.

Yup, any Narcom will work with with a NAC 92R, including the NARCOM 5. No setting up required.

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Thank you, and thanks for approving me. In my ignorance, is the NAIT 3R the same as the NAC 92 control unit?

They are similar but not the same. The NAC92R is a slightly improved version of the NAIT 3R’s pre-amp section, but omits the power amp stage.

It was my own typo that probably caused some confusion here, calling it a NAIT 3R (NAITs seem to be all the rage right now - can’t think why… :wink: ) instead of a NAC92R. Apologies - I’ve edited accordingly.

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