Can Muso 2 Read a USB Drive as a Server?

Is it possible for a Muso 2 to read a USB drive as a server, instead of as just a USB drive?
My Muso can read and play flac files fine from a USB drive, but unfortunately without any of the metadata, artwork, etc.
I understand the Muso can read metadata from a server.
But I cannot get Muso to connect to the USB through the “Server” input.
The Server imput recognizes a Uniti Atom in a different room as a Server. But it will not recognize the USB plugged into the Muso as a Server.
Any thoughts on whether this is fixable?

The mu-so does not have built in server mode, so it will operate as you describe. No metadata.

No, but with server mode enabled on the Atom your Muso should be able to access the music from there.

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