Can’t connect new 272 to network

Can anyone help me?

I have just bought a new 272 amp and I cannot connect it to my (wired) network.
I’m using a Mac mini for my stored music on iTunes.
The 272 is playing internet radio and says in the settings that it is connected.
However the amp is not listed when I click on the airplay symbol on the Mac, and when I press the UPnP on the amp it says there is no server.

I have recently bought a Muso and it set up without a problem.

Things I have tried:-
Re-start the router
Re-start the amp
Re-start the Mac
Re-set the 272 to Factory Settings

Anything I might have missed?

I’m running Airplay 2, would that be an issue?


Hi, the 272 does not support AirPlay, but you should be able to discover a UPnP server in its UPnP input. Are you running a server on your Mac?

Not sure what you mean by running a server?

I suppose the other option is via cable to a digital input

Ideally Asset or MinimServer UPnP software. Load it on the computer and you’ll then be able to use the Naim app to play the music. If your music is in MP3 it won’t sound much good, though if it’s Apple lossless it will be fine.

A UPnP server is a piece of software that can run on a computer or NAS, and is required for a UPnP streamer to discover and play the music you have stored on your network. As HH says, Asset and Minimserver are popular choices with Naim streamers. Asset is probably the easiest to set up if you are unfamiliar with them, and it will run on a Mac.

Yes, if your Mac has an optical output you could use that into the 272. You would need to control it using the Mac, either with iTunes, or a third party app such as Audirvana, so perhaps not as neat as a server that you can control with the Naim app.

Thanks for your help guys, decided just to run a cable, I can control my music from the Apple Remote App.

and yes (HH) it’s all lossless - what else! :wink:

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