Can’t connect to JBRadio2 on NDX2

Hi there,
my most favorite internet radiostation JBRadio2 is back ‘in the air’ but since a few days my NDX2 can’t connect to it anymore.

Who has an idea what can be wrong?

All other radiostations work normal

Thank you and greetings from the Netherlands,

Paging @Stevesky

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Hi @Olivier61

The streaming URL that the owner gave on his facebook page is now dead. I’ve had a dig around the net and found the latest one. The url for JB Radio 2 under Naim’s Choice is now updated.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Hi @Stevesky , thanks a lot….you made my day….and many more days to come!

Kind regards,

Hi @Stevesky , unfortunately this morning again no connection, can you check?

Hi @Oliver61

I tried the JBRadio2 link from Naim’s Choice at 9:42 UK time and that seems to be playing. This station does have a bit of a reputation nowadays of not always being up, as its more a hobby for one guy, rather than a commercial business.



Oké thanks @Stevesky , I’ll try again tonight.

Hi Steve ( @Stevesky )

After your update it was working for one day. Still no connection possible now so are you willing to check ones more if the updated URL is valid?
Thank you!
Kind regards, Olivier

Hi Oliver,

This station is down again. This is not a Naim issue but the station owner is very variable if a stream is playing.

See the webpage for the radio station that documents the current urls that should play:

Click on the streaming url’s and they are currently doing 404 - file not found.



Seems to have disappeared again. Shame.

Even the website is down - I too have enjoyed JB radio 2 - shame

Hi Steve, what a pity, it was such a fine high stream quality station.
Thanks again for checking!!

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