Can’t download the zip

Like this:


Sorry it took me a while as now that I made my first file purchase I had to reactivate my Bandcamp account, move the files to Roon, edit the metadata (as Roon does not know it) … all your fault :slight_smile:

All is fine as long as the files are inside the zip, because then they are not subject to the 255 characters limit. But when you extract them, you will get the problem. So you need to make sure that after extracting into the Windows file system, the path and filename are not longer than 255

So do either what litemotiv said and extract them to C:\ (thereby reducing the path to 3 characters) and then rename the files before you move them elsewhere

Alternatively, after to you open the zip file, rename them to something shorter before you extract them. (If this is possible might depend on how you open the zip file)

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Unfortunately the default Windows Explorer zip-extractor doesn’t support this, so he would need to download a separate program for that like 7-Zip.

Yeah I figured. So your method is best then. (IF he has permissions for C:\ :wink: )

Fingers crossed… otherwise you will have to rename them and send him the files!

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I can do that :slight_smile:
Hey @frenchrooster, nice tracks and sound too, so thanks :+1:

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Very thanks guys. Not sure I will be able to do that, but will try. I have all the informations now.
Will download windows 10 first, then try the latest recommendations.
Time to dinner now.

Thanks again.

Windows 10 has the same limitation by default but can be overridden by editing the registry, plenty of tutorials on a Google Search on how to do that

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You need to check that your particular PC will support Windows 10. For example my Thinkpad 420 with Windows 7 professional should be able to support Windows 10, but some of the drivers aren’t available (were never released by Lenovo) and apparently it doesn’t work well, so this approach isn’t recommended by the Thinkpad community.



I think it’s possible. It’s a dell xp15. But have to try.

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