Can’t log into Qobuz on iOS or Naim


I have 2 Qobuz accounts. I can log into both of them on the desktop without any issues but it will suddenly not let me log into either of them on iOS or on the Naim app.

It’s the Studio Premier £14.99 subscription.

All good here…

The desktop app doesn’t seem to allow you to track how many devices you’re logged onto.

Strange times

May be a dual account issue, I only have one but no issues logging in from iOS or via Roon.

They are held under 2 separate email / user IDs

I’ve sent a note to Qobuz asking them to investigate

I have multiple devices connecting to my Qobuz account… I would suspect the Naim app has some sort of cache… can you clear and try again?
You can use upto three devices on the same Qobuz account.

FWIW… logged into Qobuz and playing music using the Naim app on my iPad now.

It cleared itself eventually without any intervention from me…I did send an email to Qobuz so perhaps they did something.

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