Can’t multi room when playing cd

I have a muso 2nd gen and a muso qb 1st gen
I have a problem with multiroom
I’ve got a Marantz CD player connected to my muso through the digital audio output ,but have no option to multiroom through muso qb on the app.
Is this possible to do?
Any help would be great

I thought that the multi room function was used through a streamer, which streamed muso and QB.
In which case you will need a streamer rather than trying to get the speakers to do this

First generation Musos can’t play multiroom from local inputs. If you connect your CD player to the Muso 2, it will work.

It is connected to the muso 2

Didn’t know that Chris.
Interesting. Good reason to upgrade

It should work, then. You initiate multiroom by opening the play queue on the device you want to stream from. Tap the little 4-square icon, and select the client streamer from there.

The little 4-square icon isn’t there on the digital,analogue or hdmi
It’s only there on Bluetooth ,internet radio and Spotify
Thanks for reply’s

That’s odd, you should be able to use multiroom from any input on 2nd generation Musos. Is your firmware and Naim app up to date?

Hi again
Yes I’ve checked all firmware and app all up to date
Can’t think of anything else to try

Maybe give Naim support a call.

I have sent a email to naim support today
Thanks For your reply’s

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