Can’t see uniti Core on the Naïm app

When I’m not listening to music I’ll put the uniti Core always into deep sleep.When I start up my n272 and uniti core I can’t see the uniti core in the Naïm app.But when I login into my router,I can see that the uniti core is on the network.Thereafter I unplug the ethernetcable of the uniti core from the switch next to the n272,plug it in again and after a few seconds the uniti core shows up on the Naïm app.
What is the problem?

Deep sleep mode means that it’s not discoverable on the network. If you put it into ‘network standby’ mode, it remains discoverable on your network and is therefore found by the app.

If you wake up the Core from deep sleep mode, by pressing and releasing the front panel button, you should see and hear it responding. Once it has settled (say 30 secs) it should be discoverable on the network and indeed your PC says it is there. But the app has by now given up, which is why it can’t find the Core.

You don’t say which Naim app you are using, but on IOS you can probably get the app to find the Core by going to the rooms screen and pulling it down and releasing it, as if you were refreshing your email. Or you can swipe the app off and then reselect it. I guess the Android app is similar.

I always leave my Core in Network Sleep and it’s just always there when I want it.



Thans you very much Chris and David.
David I’m using the iOS app.

I’m going to try it like you say David.

The other thing you could do is not open your Naim app up until the Core has fully woken.



It’s odd that you have to wake it up. My Qnap nods off when things are quiet and as soon as I choose the streamer input on the Naim app, it automatically wakes up. You’d think the Core would act the same way. Or, perhaps you wouldn’t…

It’s just that he is selecting the wrong sleep mode. Network Sleep serves stuff on the network immediately without having to wake up. Deep Sleep shuts it all down and switches over to the SMPS power unit. You have to wake it with the front panel button, which you also use to fully wake it from Network Sleep so you can rip a CD for instance.

I think Deep Sleep is basically there because the EU regs require it. But if you want to save electricity then that is the mode to use.



Thanks David. That makes sense.

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