Can the can

I picked up a new PowerLine yesterday, and on opening the box this morning found that there was no metal tin, just a nice white cardboard box. What is the world coming to?

Been like that for a while. I have 4 old cans which I use for organising various household nicknacks… and buscuits. Got my last PL a year ago in a cardboard box.

It’s only appartments these days in Canningtown.

Sounds like a Marie Antoinette remark…

Anyway, what is the use of the metal tin, assuming that the Power Line is going to be plugged in and forgotten (beyond being praised endlessly on the forum)? I used to get disappointed when Nikon stopped supplying a leather case to each of their premier lenses till I realized that the glass ended up perfectly safe in the camera bag and the fancy pouches were being delegated to other use.

The world is producing so much junk and now that Asia is refusing to accept ours perhaps it is time to cut down on all the one time packing materials.


Exactly - give me a plain box that gets the product to me safely and i’m quite happy. Fancy boxes or plain boxes they all get stored in the loft. Perhaps the plain boxes aren’t so ‘impressive’ for those unboxing sections of youtube reviews…

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I think you are right. Quite honestly I’d be happy if the foam packaging was dispensed with. I was simply surprised that there was no metal tin. The three I already have live in the loft and serve no purpose. It would be great if Naim would go plastic free in their packaging.

The packaging of “luxury goods” for decades as been part of the ownership experience. Luxury wristwatches often come in very elaborate wooden high-gloss boxes, which after the watch is extracted sits within its cardboard box someplace out of the way - in case the watch is later sold off.

IMHO we don’t need any of this fancy packaging; it’s wasteful and much of it isn’t even repurposeable. But much like screw tops for fine wines, it takes a gradual change so as in theory not to lose customers over it.

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