Can the ND555 remote work on NDX 2?

I saw the ND555 remote is aluminum instead of glossy plastic of the NDX 2. Wondering if it will be more durable and solid and want to purchase it for my NDX 2. Is the remote compatible to use?

I find the NDX 2 remote got many flaws. The navigational/directional pad does not have good travel. When you press, it does not register much feedback. It also will be scratchy after like a year. I know my Uniti remote is and it looks very old and aged after like 1 year.

I am not sure if Naim is semi-aware of this directional pad issues or not.

I would be surprised if the ND555 remote didn’t work with an NDX2. I would also be surprised if it wasn’t eyewateringly expensive, being a 500 series component. Still, a fair question, as I too have an NDX2 remote with navigation buttons that have this fault.

I never use remote, Roon is the ultimate remote:)

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