Can the pre-out of a SN2 or SN3 drive a second amp?

I have an unusual problem in need of a solution. I want to set up a second system at our cabin, but the cabin is a totally off grid place with no internet or even a wifi network. I want to cobble together a low tech multiroom system for synced music in the kitchen and living room. I’m also trying to be “financially responsible” (i.e. cheap). Due to the lack of a wifi network I can’t just do two networked players (like a Nova in one room and a Muso or Atom in the other). The units will only play the same music in sync; never one playing one piece and the other something else. I also don’t really need independent volume control; as long as the outputs are pretty close the volumes in both rooms are usually set the same anyway (though I do occasionally turn off the kitchen music and only have the living room running).

My thought of a potentially simple way to do this would be a SN2 or SN3 driving the living room speakers (using a Bluesound Node 2i with USB stick as source), and then use the pre amp out of the SN to send signal to a second amp, like an NAP 100, to drive the kitchen speakers. The speaker cables to the kitchen and living room terminate in the same place, so the components would be together for both rooms (the place is pretty small, but does warrant two sets of speakers). My question is can the pre-out of the SN be used simultaneously when using its internal amp? I recognize the volume of both amps would be fixed together in this setup, but I’m ok with that.

I’ve toyed with the idea of setting up a wifi network without internet, just to allow networked pieces to sync rather than having them wired together, but I don’t want to pay for two streaming devices when all I need is one. I don’t want to pay for both a Nova and an Atom, for example. I wish Naim made a simple networked amp to just drive a separate zone without all the accoutrements needed to stream independently. Is the Naim multiroom protocol proprietary? Or are there other devices that can be synced? I realize I could used Airplay 2, but that only works if I use my phone or similar for a source, and I want to use the USB stick as it’s easy to load up before I go to the cabin.


A better inexpensive option over using the pre-out might be to use a smaller integrated amp in the 2nd room. You could connect via the record out of the Supernait into a line input on the smaller integrated. This way, you have local control over volume level and could also patch in a DAP or radio locally as well.

Thank you Richard. That’s an option I hadn’t considered. It would obviously give me independent volume control for the two zones which might be nice at times. However, I’m trying to keep the spot where the components will sit as simple as possible; having two preamps there seems busy. And yes, I realize that’s ridiculous. I just liked the idea of a small shoebox NAP 100 there next to the SN and call it a day. Are there any issues with using the SN preout into another amp when the amp output of the SN is also in use?

Should be no issue technically, but may be issue with usability. Speaker sensitivities might come into play here as one pair could be noticeably louder than the other.

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Exactly. This is why it’s a good idea to have some sort of local control over volume level. All you need is an integrated amp - a NAIT will do, or even something else for the kitchen.

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