Can the R-com control a Klimax DS?

Anyone by any chance know - been offered one from a friend of a friend at a very good price, but not sure just how much use it actually will be to me?

sorry for the leftfield question so early in the morning!

I don’t know about the Klimax DS, but the R-com is RC5 protocol and many of the codes are shared by other makers such as Arcam, Meridian etc… For example, I can control most functions of my Meridian CD player through a Naim Narcom, Flash, or R-com remote control. Note though that I say “most”, not all… If the Klimax DS remote protocol is also RC5 then there’s a possibility it may share some codes with Naim. Only way to find out for sure is to try it out.

The Klimax DS is really best operated through an App (kazoo) on a tablet as you’ll need it for browsing your music collection. Not impossible with the remote but not ideal either.

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Thanks chaps.

I already have the DS and use kazoo on my iPad, so would agree it is not the ideal way to control it.Volume, play and pause would be handy however - being able to switch from radio to upnp even better!

I think I might have to just go for it and see, unless anyone else happens to own that combination - I had thought there were a few more DS users here, but perhaps everyone has gone over to a ND555!

IIRC @Dave @TiberioMagadino are both DS users

I also have a Klimax DS (the 2nd gen DS/1) in my main system.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you since I have a Linn remote (which I rarely use) but I don’t have access to an R-com to check it out for you.

If you have a Narcom, you could try that. If a Narcom works (for CD, Pre, tuner), so should an R-com.

Thanks all - the 552’s Narcom presumably has the same codes as the R-com.

Why did I note think of that!

No plans to swap to a ND555, I’m sticking with my KDSM3 :grin:

What I can tell you is that the Linn controller adjusts the volume on my 552, which suggests the same RC5 protocol as the R-com. I’ll have to dig out the Naim controller to see if it does the reverse.

Yes, the Narcom and R-Com share the same RC5 codes, although not all the Narcom functions are found on the R-Com, and the Narcom does not have the “Open” command button that you find on the R-Com.

@TiberioMagadino uses a DSM. Not akurate, majik, or klimax. Just DSM. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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