Can the Uniti Core alsp be a CD player?

I think the title is self explanatory, so can it?

I am going to add a Uniti Core to my system but am trying to keep the box count down, yet still play the odd CD

(System NAC-N272, NAP250DR, XPS, Focal Diablo)

No, I guess because there’s no point as it takes so little time to rip a disc to the Core, which should give better performance.

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No, you need to rip the CD before you can play it.

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Just curious. Why it’s different from the HDX, which could be used as a CD player too?

The HDX had normal controls on the front, and a remote so it was usable as a CD player. The Core has no controls or remote - everything is done via the App, so it’s a much better experience (metadata etc.) playing a file.

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The N-Serve app can also control CD playback. The Unitiserve could do this too, but I never bother - it only takes 5 minutes to rip an album.

Do you delete the rip once you have played it and know you don’t really want to play it again?

No, I just leave it on the hard drive as I have enough space. Sure, there is a bit of stuff on there that I never really listen to but in the past my opinion of some music has changed quite a bit over time so I have the option of coming back to it.

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