Can two SN3s sound different?

from @GadgetMan , 'but the dealer belittled me when I suggested it".

Not much for cheese shop, is it? …

I thought I’d just post a quick update in case anyone visits this thread later with similar concerns.

So, after deciding I would have a nagging doubt that would become difficult to ignore, a very helpful and friendly hifi store in Ashford agreed for me to bring in and compare with their demo SN3. After swapping back and forth I was very pleased to find there was very little difference. The demo unit sounded very slightly better but also probably had more hours in use. Interestingly, my unit needed to be slightly higher on the volume control to match the demo unit, but I can live with that.

Four days later and I’m listening to Diana Krall Live in Paris this evening and suddenly everything seems to have fallen in place and I have a smile on my face! I think perhaps too many new items all bedding in at the same time, including Evoke 50s that can apparently take a little while to sound their best.

Now just waiting on Witch Hat Phantom cables, though likely to have some time to get used to it as is before I receive and swap cables. A big thank you for all the advice on here and the dealer.


FWIW, when my 252 was new it had to go back for a little issue and may dealer’s demo 252 that I loaned in the meantime was so much better, but mine, once back, also came on song after a while. As for the volume, did you compare the min and max positions of the dial? If only the LED was a little further up, it is perfectly possible that the dial mounting on the pot is rotated a bit more. In any case, be happy if your actual pot needs to be dialed up more, it’s preferable anyway

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