Can Uniti Star be updated through USB?

It’s very slow to update Uniti Star OTA. And Uniti Star does not support network proxy. So I’m wondering if I can update it through USB with a computer?
I found Naim-Streamer-Updater-v4.7. But after I read the PDF, I could find USB-B interface on Uniti Star.

Thank you in advance.

Uniti Star is OTA update only.

v4.7 update is for the old platform Uniti & streamer products only and requires USB.

Oh, thank you. Then I have to cross my fingers and wait.

I find the new streamer updates pretty quick, maybe 5 minutes, so if yours is taking a lot longer, maybe your network is slow or something? I guess the Star might be a larger download if it includes the ripper software that other streamers don’t have, but I can’t imagine it should take ages.

The Core OTA update is also pretty quick. I reckon less than 5 min usually, end to end.


My Star took about 5 minutes max. It’s probably your Internet speed. Mines about 70Mbs

Mine is 4.5Mb and it was still quick. My guess is that the Star might have been upset, perhaps by a dropout on the internet or LAN connection.

Well, I locate in China. So I suppose the network maybe the problem. I left the Star overnight and it completed the update now.
But I still have problem about CD metadata. And I found that freedb will shut down next March…

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