Can upnp on Naim 272/Qb from Innous Zen Mini Mk3 but not Sonos


I’ve got a Zen Mini Mk3 on the same switch as 272+200 in my office. Synology NAS in the loft with bubble and minimserver.

Elsewhere on my network I have QB and 4 Sonos devices for convenience which connect over WiFi.

My network is Netgear Orbi with backhaul wired connection to the satellites in my office and loft.


272 and Qb will play from Zen Mini, thankfully as this is my primary listening but the Sonos will not. Sonos gear is in noisy areas like kitchen, front room and bathrooms.

Zen mini seems to use Asset upnp from dbpoweramp as that’s how is shows up on naim app - same Asset logo.

To test Asset/Sonos integration I installed asset on a Mac on the network and was successful upnp to the Sonos.

Rang Innous who suggested setting up Zen and Sonos on the lan ports on the router which I tired but didn’t change.

I’ve tried all the InnuosOS settings. Hoping 2.0 will fix.

Any practical suggestions to test?

Perhaps @glasnaim or @CrystalGipsy could help.
However I would personally change the tittle, which doesn’t point the problem enough.

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Sorry FR I know nothing about Sonos. I do have the Innuos feeding Chord and Naim set ups on the same network, hard wired, also use Roon most of the time.
I’m not sure how Innuos 2.0 will resolve the issue, on the Innuos settings you can elect to connect Sonos, UPnP or Roon, I don’t think you can use all three simultaneously, certainly it forces me to choose between UPnP and Roon if I want to use iPeng. This may the problem the OP is experiencing.


Is the mac wireless or wired could all the rest of the gear see asset on the Mac.

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Thanks, Mac is wireless. 3 Sonos are wireless and 1 wired.

I want to select music from Zen using the native Sonos app as I do using the native Naim app.

Zen will appear in the Sonos app but will not allow me to play music from the library. Asset on the Mac will appear in the Naim and Sonos apps and I can play music from it. Seems to be same upnp software on zen and Mac but can’t put my finger on whether Sonos or Innous issue.

Maybe I can help

  1. Manuals

Rescanning The Sonos Music Library; Using The Naim Uniti Or Mu-So; Using The Naim App To Browse And Play Music From The Zen - innuos Zen Music User Manual


As I said my knowledge of Sonos is non existent, I live in a very old cottage that just doesn’t do wifi effectively. So I only understand the Innuos dimension.
This may seem a very simplistic question, what happens if you select Sonos on the Innuos settings ? I understand that this will not give you an integrated solution with UPnP.

Thanks. It sets up the zen folder library mapping in Sonos and I can see zen as a source but greyed out and I cannot play music from it.

Than you. Will try reviewing this.

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Tried to help as I could…but can unfortunately no more. Hope you will resolve your problem. Maybe you could try to phone to Innuos, a lot are saying that they are very helpful.

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Is the main orbi router/hub connected to your ISP router. If so ensure the Orbi is using DHCP to get it’s IP address assigned by your router often this can get missed and you have a double NAT scenario and and essentially two networks. Check your wired network is using the same subnet IP range as your wireless network. The first 3 sets of numbers should be identical for all devices on the network.

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Thanks all for the suggestions and advice. Orbi DCHP all correct. I have made good progress with 1 of 2 ways to play zen mini material from within the Sonos app.

1 - zen as music library (mapped and working)
2 - zen as upnp (will let you browse the library but not play tracks)

I did have to remove my NAS library instead of having both as Sonos saw everything as one library so the same albums on both devices results in duplicate tracks on Sonos.

But I am now able to enjoy the Zen Mini throughout the house - connected to my Naim system in the office, streamed to my QB in front room or feeding the Sonos beam, ceilings speakers in bathrooms and kitchen. Think I’ll stop there. Back to eBaying stuff to pay for a 555psu for the 272. Happy Easter


I find that the Sonos works best if I simply connect to the folders where the music is stored and browse them as my “Music Library”. I could not Asset to work properly either.

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