Can USB port be damaged on multi removal

I have a Uniti Star and as everyone should know by now there is an issue with audio dropouts (on at least 50% of CD’s I have ripped). Anyway when I buy a CD what I do is place it in the Uniti Star and rip the CD. It is very quick and takes about 5 to 10mins to do it with good metadata etc. I then listen to it. If I get an audio dropout I would stop and set the CD aside to be ripped again on the computer with dBpoweramp.

To do this I have to power off the Uniti Star at the socket. At the rear USB port (which is not very accessible from the front) I have a 400mm approx length of USB A to USB C of cable with the C end connected to a Samsung T7 SSD. I can access the C end from the front so I disconnect the SSD from this and take it to my computer. There I have another USB A to C lead and I connect this to the SSD. I then rip the CD on the computer and transfer files only to replace the files on the SSD.

I then connect the SSD back to the Uniti Star with reverse of process.

Anyway the concern I have is that will I damage the USB port on the SSD or the USB C end by doing this very frequently I.e are they designed for a maximum in and out removal? If so I would have to do this in batches of say 10 to 20 cds rather than today I did it for 2 CD’s that I bought. If I do it in batches I have to listen to it on the Uniti Star with audio dropouts which can be frustrating on some good tracks until I have bought enough CD’s to do a batch.

If there is damage or wear which end will go first is it the lead end or the SSD end? Could it become loose over time and affect audio quality?

USB-C is specified for 10,000 connect cycles.
(USB-A was specified for 1,500, IIRC.)

So, if Samsung and the cable companies did proper design and quality assurance, you can do this for 15 years 1/day. In theory.

(Edit: you need 2 cycles per update, hence only 15 years, not 30.)

Put an USB extension cord on your SSD and leave it connected to the SSD and plug away as much as you like. If the USB connector goes bad simply replace the extension cord. Problem solved.:wink:


Run a UPnP server on the computer and you won’t need to move the USB drive to the Star, just leave it mounted on the computer.

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Thanks, that’s reassuring. So leaving the cable (end type A) permanently to the Naim Unit Star is a good idea then and only remove the Type C from the SSD ( if either of these did wear / become loose then I could change - a lot cheaper than a damaged Uniti Star USB port)

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