Can you break in devices without speakers connected to the cables?

Can I break in my device if I connect speaker cables to it but don’t connect them to the speakers?
Basically, can I break in a SN or Nova silently?

Also, is it then better to put the volume higher or lower or doesn’t it matter?

Yeah, but In real time playing into speakers that has varying loads and stresses on Power Supply will put real world results - if such a thing really exists into that break in. Somethings just need that time and rest.
Now if it was a wild horse, that would definitely be hands on and not something you could just let silently breaking in whilst you were out shopping.

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A little trick that is used by some reviewers is to connect one speaker in phase and the other out of phase, then play with both speakers closely facing one another - this reduces perceived volume levels considerably (especially if further muffled by covering with a heavy duvet or similar) and it’s particularly effective, especially for breaking in speakers which of course really need to be working in order to do so.

As for electronics, just plug in and power up.


Hi @Hifi_Naim_CNNL, I wonder if you’re over-thinking this.

Whilst I’ve had components which sounded better to me over time (including Uniti range and SN), I’ve never had one which I couldn’t even listen to straight from the box. If that were the case with, say, your new Nova you could just leave it playing whilst you’re out, or use Richard’s trick. But I think that’s unlikely. Why not just connect it all up, enjoy some music and smile at the thought that it’s likely to get even better over the coming weeks? Free SQ upgrades to come, what’s not to like?



Yep you could do that - but if doing an A/B comparison it is paramount the new unit is broken in! There is a magnitude of items basicly everything including even solder joins (dont ask) that realign when given a dose of voltage. I never even do a preliminary listen unless the item has run approx 6hrs as this seems to do 2/3 of the job last 1/3 takes a lot longer. And i only use music, some of these Special Run in thingys you can avail your self of for cables etc can retone the sound to that of the Device. For those that can remember the Highly Acclaimed DUO TEC Cable Enhancer was one it did Permanent Irretrievable Sonic damage to anything connected to it

I’ve always been led to believe that you should not run an amp without speakers connected.

From my Hnc Electronics many years ago I would say that you need a load(speakers) on the amplifier. You must have a circuit to take some current.
Just plugging cables in is as much good as a chocolate fire guard.

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