Can you hear the differences, which one you prefer? Audiophile reissues

I struggled to hear some differences between Mobile Fidelity and Speakers Corners through this video.
I felt that MOFI sounded softer, a bit cleaner, but SC had some more life and vibrancy.
And you?

Do they link to any reference clips so you can try it yourself on your own kit?

I doubt. You only have to listen through YouTube on earphones.

The trouble with anything on uTube demonstrating or comparing hifi is that it is inherently limited by the microphone (and microphone technique), any processing applied, any compression through the uTube format, and the replay chain - for many people that is viewing/listening with a tablet or smartphone, and its speakers or whatever earbuds or headphones the listener uses. Maybe some differences may be discernible, but whether the listener would feel the same in the room where the comparison or demonstration is taking place is another question. Personally I think it is pointless, and I’d rather the person describe what he or she is hearing, and preferably in writing as it is usually quicker to read than watch a video - but that’s just me!


I’ve had a real mixed bag with Mobile Fidelity reissues I owned and sold the Kind of Blue 45rpm, and Carole King’s Tapestry (Not the One Step) because I preferred other versions I had but I have a Mofi Bob Marley - Exodus ANADISQ 200™ from 1995 which is the best version I own and a Miles Davis Round About Midnight which is very good and comparable to the Australian 1st Press I have.
The Marvin Gaye One Step is pretty decent but not reference quality and lastly the Bill Evans Undercurrent again is good but not excellent.

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You don’t want to play the game then? Even without earphones, through my IPad Pro, I could hear differences. But it’s a bit tiring. You have to really concentrate.

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