Can you identify these speakers and thoughts?

I’ve seen these on an auction site, they look interesting but there’s no description. Do you know what they are, do you have any experience of them?

Looks like the Shahinian Starter - the shorter version of the Compass


the speakers are Shaninian, can’t say which model. There are some members using different models who should be able to help you further.

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Those could be Shahinian Acoustics Compass or Starter

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Depending on price they may be worth a punt as Shahinian new prices are a bit daft in the UK these days. I’ve not heard the Starter but I do have the taller Compass at home. My winter project is to convert these to Mk2 spec with the latest drivers and refurb the crossovers too.


Brilliant, thanks for your help!

Shihanians of some sort, I would say - Compass?

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I’ll be interested to hear what you think of them if you do get them. They have the same driver configuration as the Compass and apart from being 20cm shorter, are otherwise dimensionally the same.

Malcolm Steward’s review in Hi-Fi critic is well worth a read and has some background info on Shahinian too.

Hi-Fi Critic Review


They’re mine! I’m looking forward to picking them up next week and having a listen, I’ll post my impressions.

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Good news - I’ll be interested in what you find.


They arrived today, I won’t get time for a proper listen until this evening. First impressions are very good though - they certainly sound much larger than they should!


Good to see they have arrived. Same drivers as in mine.

Your Isobariks look pristine :sunglasses:

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still waiting for your thoughts

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