Can you message now?

Looks like we can message now?


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I don’t know! But when I went to reply to you for the third time on the other thread, a box popped up saying did I want to message you, and when I entered the text and replied it opened this thread!

God there’ll be 1000s of threads, I struggle keeping as it is.

Other people can read it, so not tge same as messaging someone!

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Just try replying 3 times and see what happens…


Test 1

Test 2


I have no box opened up

Three for good luck.

Testing again


Won’t happen now!

Again mark 3 still no message box

:roll_eyes: typical.

Don’t you have to have the ‘perfect member’ badge, whatever it’s called, for Discourse to say you can message (but hitherto at least disallowed by Naim)?

I don’t use the Discourse app, is it worth it

Anyway, have you heard the new Mostly Autumn albums “Graveyard Star” - bit of a classic I think.