Can you message now?

App notwithstanding, the forum is running under Discourse - its the service provider Naim use.

Not yet - have to check it out.

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Yes but I just enter via safari

Doesn’t matter whether browser or app, just I recall when I was “promoted” to that level it said it opened up messaging and other things, though I don’t think it was actually active. But it dropped me down at some point and I can’t check now.

Yes I’ve been up and down without knowing how or why, I’ve been upgraded now so I’ll keep my head down.

I seem to have been demoted again, which doesn’t surprise me, to be honest :eyes:

I have no idea how they rate us, it all seems a bit confusing to me. I’m off to watch the ABs play SA then Aussie Rules Grand Final/Wallabies v Argentina.

You can read about it if you want Pete by Googling Discourse Trust levels. Discourse is the platform that the Naim forum lives on. But many of the “benefits” of higher trust levels are not enabled by Naim, messaging is one of them.

You have to do various things often enough to stay at the Regular level. Otherwise you drop to Member.

Messaging is obvious if it’s enabled. I belong to another forum on the Discourse platform and messaging is enabled there. You can just choose it anytime you want.




I might download the app and enter via it in future.

Private messaging is not enabled here, except between admin and members (once initiated by admin). When we had it in the past it was sadly somewhat abused in order to circumvent forum rules. There were also reported cases of solicitation of members by businesses, so we had no other option but to disable it.

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Mike you’re still a regular, you need to be Richard to be above that.

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Just looked and it seems I’m an empathetic and admired devotee!

Coo, I’ll tell my mum.


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