Can you solve the mystery of the Cherry stones?

We are a bit puzzled. There are dozens of Cherry stones on out patio. They are clean and not part of any animal droppings.

They look like cherry stones to us. We do not have a cherry tree and we don’t think any of our near neighbours do either. We are in a rural location, mainly arable farmland.
We assume they may be cleanly regurgitated by a bird? Any ideas or knowledge would be welcome.
We have lived here 20+ years and not noticed this before.

I agree with cherry stone. Not sure how you got them and in that clean a condition.
As I wrote elsewhere our crop is normally quickly reduced by birds, but they are notably absent this year, to the extent that the fruit I cannot reach are rotting on the tree. Normally, pigeons sit on a branch, take a peck, drop the fruit on the floor and start again. Starlings will occasionally follow fruit to the ground. Blackbirds tend to pick a fruit and fly away. Fruit on the ground attracts slugs. Squirrels will take the fruit and sometimes I find a pile of stones.
However none of the above explains how you got your stones.

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Squirrels are a thought. We have squirrels around this year and last, but never previously.

Slight distraction, but my wife had the habit of eating cherries when driving and (occasionally) would spit the stone out the drivers window. She has yet to live down the occasion she did this at traffic lights and the car on the right had the passenger window open too. You can picture what happened. Happily, the lights changed immediately!


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