Can you stream from an IPad?

I was wondering about dipping my toe into the streaming world. Would it be possible to stream from an iPad, into some form of dac and then into my 282? Or is this just a bad start and I should look at a dedicated streamer? This is not my main source, as vinyl is, but was just thinking of a convenient good quality source. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

If you have the latest iPad Pro you can use the USB C - USB adaptor to connect to a Dac

If an order ipad, you will need the Apple Lightning to camera adaptor

You can then just stream say Tidal on your iPad directly into the DAC.

Yes. Plenty of streaming apps about. A basic free Spotify account is easy to set up.
With the charger cable going from the lightning port (or the older port) to a USB input of a dac.
If you have a smart tv, they usually include a music streaming app of some sort.
There are a few “audiophile” lightning to USB cables about. I thought about taking a punt on one, but feel the Spotify app on my SkyQ box into Naim ndac is of a fairly surprising decent quality. Plus I get a big screen to navigate around the music contents.

A cheap and wireless way to get into streaming is to add a Yamaha MusicCast WXAD-10. This also supports many streaming services if you want to dip your toe into the water.

As someone who’s knowledge of streaming from an iPad is akin to to a hippopotamus performing Swan Like dressed in a tutu , I borrowed the basic Naim streamer and was able to pair it up with my iPad to resume a talking book on my iPad in micro seconds

Yes you can. Qobuz subscription, qobuz app, lightning connector, short usb cable, chord mojo (for example) … and connect to whatever amp you like. Works perfectly well. Actually sounds pretty good, considering.

Streaming from an iPad is what’s got me sucked me into this whole streaming malarkey! I initially opened Qobuz account to enable me to listen to new music. However, I thought I’d try this streamed from my IPad into my Ndac. I was not expecting the results to be very good but was surprised by just how good they were. The only problem with using an iPad is that it is tethered to your system and makes changing content a bit awkward.

I spoke to my dealer and he suggest I try a Node 2i which I did. I felt the Node 2i streaming Qobuz via wi-if was not as good as the iPad and was going to take the Node back. My dealer then said that if I wanted to hear the full potential of the Node I’d needed Ethernet cable. This was duly installed with a big jump in performance that could just edge the IPad out. He then loaned me an EE 8 switch and together with the supplied Chord C Stream it comfortably blew the IPad away.

What I did learn is that you will have to spend at least £1000 to get a step improvement over an iPad into an Ndac. The real question is how far up the streaming ladder do you want to go?

Thanks everyone.

So…total moron here. First, at the moment I’m playing airplay through my Atom (in a couple weeks it will be a Nova.) I have Qobuz and Tidal at the moment, but Apple music is the easiest thing to listen to. I say Siri play my music. I have 1500 albums on Apple Music. So…it’s a fun mix. I did use Soundiiz to transfer my library, but still…,apple is easiest. I love the Qobuz Hi-Res…but…anyway. To my question, so…if I connect my iPad Pro with a USB C to USB adapter to the Atom USB, it would be wired then…would Apple music be any better? Probably not…but Qobuz streams at Hi-res, is it improved when wired?

Ipads are capable of playing hires music digitally via the lightning (or usb c) socket to an external dac.
Does it improve qobuz? No because the atom plays qobuz natively there’s no point adding another device.
If you like asking Siri on your ipad to play music, then whether connecting via airplay or wired I dont think makes a difference as apple music isnt higher res than what is supported via airplay.

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