Can you use a Supercap DR with Olive pre/power?

Someone I know is thinking of selling a spare Supercap DR and is giving me first dibs on it.

Quite tempted, but before I consider it seriously (he lives in Scotland, I’m in London), is it:

a) Worth adding to an Olive 72 and 250 set up? Will it offer a substantial improvement over an Olive Hi-Cap?

b) Will a DR’ed power supply even work with Olive gear?

c) Or do I save my money and upgrade (say) the pre?

The 250 is going to be serviced shortly, and I will be adding a Karousel to the LP12 (which also has Kore, Ittok, Krystal and Lingo 4) - other sources are an Oppo 205 and a Nak Dragon.

All advice appreciated.

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Firstly, the 72 will utilise only two of the dozen regs in the SCap.

Secondly if you accept that the DR regs are “better” than the old 317 regs, the you should get an uplift in SQ.

I changed an olive HC for and olive SC on my 102, and got a small-to-buqqer-all uplift (but note, non-DR - see previous para)

However, if you have aspirations to “greater glory” in the Preamp department (as I did when I bought my SC - went to an 82 eventually), and the price is one that you are prepared to pay, then go for it.

(BTW. Thx for No. 37 :slight_smile: )


I presume you have a non DR Hicap Kev?

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It’s an Olive HC @Guinnless

In vfm terms I don’t think it’s worth it, unless you have a long-term aim of going for a 52/252.

Incidentally, a highly respected Naim dealer located in St Albans is listing an Olive Supercap (probably unserviced, but this is not a prohibitive expense). Perhaps this may be of interest???


I replaced an olive xps with an xpsdr on cds2.
Significant improvement- though my olive xps had been previously serviced 10 years earlier so have to factor that in the assessment

A DR Hicap would be cheaper and if bought s/h could be tried for little if any financial loss. :grin:

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It will work. That said, if it were me I’d be looking for a 52 and Olive Supercap. The DR SC would make sense if you wanted a 282 or 252, but they wouldn’t match the olive 250, which is a lovely thing.


Hi Kev,

A possible answer to question c. If I may give an opinion, my view is that in NaimWorld it’s not the power supplies you’ve got that matters, it’s what you put them on.

I hasten to add that in no way am I dissing the NAC72.


I have an 82, 2 x 135s CB and a Supercap 2, so mix of Olive, CB and black boxes for amplification. The Supercap 2 was a decent upgrade from 2 olive hicaps which were both serviced.

You will definitely here an improvement. And if you change your 72 for a 52 or 252 you will make more use of the power rails as stated by @suzywong.

If you intend to stick with the 72 then perhaps sticking with the hicap would be a better bet on your finances.

It all depends on where your aspirations are for your system and how much you want to spend.

Option C-
Instead of purchasing an SCDR for 72,
I would invest the money in buying 52 with Olive SC plus black burndy.
This direction, will significantly improve the current result, Especially after the service of the 250.


The SCDR is the best pre-amp power supply you can get (unless you plan on getting a 552).
It will greatly enhance whatever pre-amp you use with it.
Whether you plan on getting a better pre or not you can’t beat the SCDR.
Having said this a Hicap DR is a more natural partner for your 72 giving the advantages of DR technology without the redundancy of the SC.

Hi Kev,

If it were my money I would aim to upgrade the pre to a Nac52/Supercap.
That imo is the sweet spot and best vfm in the Naim pre amp Range.

I would say that though as that’s what I have!



Thanks for the replies, everyone. I was asking because I had a bit of spare cash laying around because of a couple of cancelled holidays, but I suppose having just bought a new pair of cans and a headphone amp, and a service for the NAP on the horizon (along with, if I am allowed, a Karousel for the fruit box), that’s enough upgrades/additions for this year.

My ultimate goal would either be a 52/250 or a 52/135 Olive combo; or else a 252/250 or 252/300. But that’ll have to wait for another time. As has been pointed out to me (ahem!), the economic situation is still looks incredibly uncertain, so perhaps spare cash should be squirrelled away for the time being rather than be spent on hi-fi equipment…


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