Can you use the Logitech Harmony Elite

I have. Uniti Star, does anyone know if you can use the Logitech Harmony Elite instead of the included remote please

Nope, you can’t. It is not in the Harmony database. Pretty sure only thing there is mu-so.

I’ve just looked on the Harmony site and it looks like if you get the Hub extension it does work with zigbee remotes.
Unfortunately the extender is not available in the Uk, only the states

I am illiterate when it comes to zigbee. Question is this: if you manage to pair it with harmony via zigbee would it still be paired with the remote. Anyway, I have a harmony and love to know what you find out. :blush:

I should think so. If you have a remote paired to your tv your original one still works doesn’t it.
Zwaves uses radio I believe, whereas TVs etc use infra red

Can’t find star in the harmony database. Uniti is there along with my-so. With PlayStation which is connected by Bluetooth, once paired with harmony hub would not pair with remote anymore. Zigbee isn’t Bluetooth but that’s why I asked.

Btw, harmony activity has a tendency to turn off all prev activities unless device is told to be left on always.

I wish you more success than I have.

Strange. I have a Harmony remote and it works fine with my CD5XS and 272 (called “Naim music server” in its database).

The older units use IR so work fine with the Harmony system. As others mention there is the Zigbee module for the Harmony system but that isn’t available in all territories. If you have Roon then there is Deep Harmony which adds features to work with Logitech remote products.

I found this but I believe it’s only for the unitiserve

Eh. All the older IR controlled units work with Harmony and are on the database (such as both my 52 and Nait XS).

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