Can Younger Generations Connect With Old Songs?

When I was young and growing up I had no problem connecting to the music of musicians who had long since been dead. I don’t think age is a major impediment to connecting with music. As always there are exceptions. That said, I do think connecting to music via a shared experience in real time can be pretty special. A lot of music brings back memories for me, good and bad. Much like certain smells.

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Well, maybe not all.

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There were prohibitions in our house, which somehow get breached when my plumbing or other DIY was going awry.

That said, I would always encourage my girls to expand their vocabulary rather than sink to Anglo Saxon expletives.

When listening to songs I like that use what I consider to be lazy language I find myself inserting better lyrics.

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I have been pondering this one for a while. Attending the funeral of a family friend yesterday pulled some of my thoughts together.
At the graveside the choir sang Love’s Old Sweet Song. Perhaps more recognised by the line Just a song at twilight, I found myself joining in. This brought back memories, I am now 70, as a child my grandparents would take us out, in particular I recall Sunday afternoon’s going to Minchinhampton Common, a walk, an ice cream, playing French cricket, a picnic tea and grandad had Sing Something Simple playing on a Perdio transistor radio (as I have aged, I realised how trendy my grandparents were with all the latest gadgets) on the rear parcel shelf of his Hillman Minx.
My grandfather was a music hall fan, a member of the Banjo, Guitar and Mandolin club. Whilst I may not seek out the genre, I do not dislike it and am able to join in with many songs.
Yes, I connect with old songs, my mother had the full set of the Soundtrack to Snow White on 78s, I remember many tunes. Then there were songs that crossed over generations, White Christmas must be a big one. I can recall my father saying he had a record of She Wears My Ring that predates Elvis. He was an Inkspots fan, but to me Whispering Grass is Don Estelle.
My daughter at 34, has listened to The Beatles since her early teens, her husband owns just about everything by Peter Gabriel and Gentle Giant, parental hand me downs?
Whilst I have a concert partner just 40 and we share generational favourites, I sometimes think that it is the other way round, I connect less with current music.

I was born in ‘65.
My parents were Stones fans and didn’t much like the Beatles.
My Dad was also into Swing Jazz, but hated Modern Jazz with a passion.
I’ll listen to anything.
It doesn’t get much older than Bach etc, and I’m seriously into Blues and early Soul & Jazz.
My son (29) considers Rush old, but enjoys them and other music in the “Classic Rock” genre, but is a dyed in the wool “Hip Hop” guy.
My view is GOOD music is GOOD music and he is much the same.
My wife and I have decided that our son can’t be trusted with the musical education of our Grandson (9 months), so we will be taking care of that🤣


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