Cannot access Naim forum

For some reason I have not been able to access this Naim website (and in particular the Hi-Fi Corner) over the last 3-4 weeks? I can get as far as the front page and can obviously post topics, but when I click on Music Room, Hi-Fi corner, etc all I get is a rotating grey circle as if it is about to open but never does. Any help appreciated.

I’ve flagged it to Richard so he can take a look.

I had this yesterday i turned my ipad off and on, seemed to resolve it…might be coincidence?

Have this also ,most days,just leaving/re-entering site seems to reset everything.

You might try logging off and restarting your browser and then logging on again. Otherwise, try deleting your cache and any cookies, and again, restart.

Also, what browser do you use? Is all up to date? Do you get the same issue with a different browser?

Life these days !
“I have a problem with the product you sold me”
“Yes sir ?”
“Well, can you fix it ?”
“Of course. Have you tried A, B, C, D … X, Y ?”
“I have now , but it still doesn’t work !”
“Try Z…”

Summary. Lots of “advice” but it’s down to the unlucky owner to solve !

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This may be because you’re using an adblocker or (more likely) an anti-tracking add-on like Ghostery.
This has happened to me on other sites.

I can’t access it at work anymore (probably a good thing but i miss my lunchtime browse) - for the last few months it reports can’t find proxy server.

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