Cannot Play Dubai Internet Radio

For the last couple of days I have been unable to stream any of the Dubai radio stations on my ND5 XS - 92 Rock, Radio Dubai 92, Virgin Radio Dubai. The Abu Dhabi ones seem to work.

Does anybody else see the same problem - it might be due to Ramadan, but there’s nothing mentioned online that I’ve seen.

They are not playing for me either - I’m in UK
Other Dubai stations are playing OK

I had a similar issue last year with an Australian station, WSFM.
I emailed V-Tuner on

Hi Juanito,

We have had a look and the stations mentioned are currently blocked outside of the country by the radio provider due to music licencing restrictions. I’ve had a look around for links that work but it seems there are no official ones.

If it’s a fav then using a VPN service might be the way forward.

As a side note, an easy way to check station status is put the station name into the vtuner database search and then try to play it via the built-in music player on the webpage:

Best regards

Software Director


Hello again,

I just checked using a VPN and the stations do play OK if inside the Emirates, so this is a genuine restriction rather than just a system that has gone down.



Thanks for the replies - I’m in Dubai, so I don’t need a VPN to connect to Dubai stations.

I just tried again now - I get the “restoring history” display, which counts up to 100% and after that it says “connecting”, but it never connects.

I can play the stream from the Dubai 92 website on my laptop and it is still broadcasting on FM radio.

Hi Juanito,

Thanks for the clarification about your location.

Have checked over this one in more detail and the radio station has changed their server back-end, but left the old links partially working so fools the dead link detection system.

I’ll ask VTuner to resolve the new URL’s and update their database.



Hi Juanito,

The problem should now be fixed. I’ve checked the stations on a unit while connected to a UAE VPN and they now play.



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Dubai 92 is now working again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

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