Cannot play on Naim through Tidal but can through Spotify?

Hello all,

I’ve been struggling to connect to my Naim Qb 2 through the Tidal app I have.
I can go through the Naim app directly and use Tidal with no problems, but I can’t play anything on my Qb 2 using the Tidal app directly. This does work for spotify however with no problems (I’m a paying customer for Tidal and free member for Spotify).
Below are some screenshots of what I mean:

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You cannot use the Tidal app to control the Naim Qb.

Do you know why that is?

A feature that hasn’t been implemented? A design restriction?

I don’t know. Spotify is different as they have their own “Connect” API.
Why would you not want to use the Naim App?

Ahh I see.

For me the Naim app just seems more driven to those who know exactly what they want out of it with only 3 sections for playlists, albums and tracks. The Tidal app gives me mixes I could be interested in/popular playlists etc. and the app itself is much more polished from a UX perspective.

The Tidal app is able to play to a QB2 either via AirPlay or Chromecast, so there should be no problem here if you prefer their app. Have you tried going to the Chromecast input in the Naim app, and selecting Tidal from there?

(You are right that there are some parts of the Tidal app that are not found in the Naim app. I’ve mentioned this to Naim before, and they’ve said that they may be able to add these.)

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Oh okay, how do I go about doing that? I can already see my Naim in the Google Home app so I assumed that was already set up.

Shouldn’t it automatically show up in the Tidal app like it does in the Spotify screenshot?

Spotify Connect is quite different from Tidal, also I’m guessing that you are using an Android device?
On iOS devices, the Tidal app has a funny little icon in the bottom L corner of the Now Playing screen. Tap it, and all the available AirPlay, Chromecast and Bluetooth devices that are available can be selected from there. I don’t have an Android device to hand, but I presume there is a similar option there.

Ahhh, sorted it.

Turns out my Qb was in a different “Home” to the actual Google Home device and so although Spotify allows you to cast to any device that’s on your network that is recognised on Google Home, Tidal is a bit more picky and only lets you cast to devices in the Home you’ve selected so I’ve now linked the Home’s and Tidal can play to everything like Spotify can.

Confusing stuff to be honest…but hopefully helps out anyone else experiencing similar problems.

Thank you both for your help with this, much appreciated :heart:


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