Cannot rename directories on Uniti Core

I’m having an issue where music ripped from CD isn’t recognized correctly, and it gets assigned an incorrect name. Hence, the subfolder name under the “Music/MQ” folder is incorrect. However, when I attempt to rename it, I get a read/write error. Has anyone else had the same problem? Many thanks in advance!

If it’s incorrect then you just click on the edit metadata for that album and change it. I often use the edit function to clean up metadata (usually it’s because it indentifies a some special edition or remaster or vice versa) and also change album artwork. It’s all very easily done via the app. Also remember that you can select between the different metadata sources for each rip as one may be better than the others.

Richard is referring to metadata that is used to browse music files. The folders that you are referring to are entirely separate from this, and you should not attempt to alter them. The Core doesn’t permit you to do so because it can damage its database.


A great product is the Core Richard

I love mine - easy to fix stuff through the metdata

Happy Xmas from down under


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