Canon EOS R Custom Drop-In Filter

I have a Canon EOS R currently being converted for full spectrum sensor photography. I’ve begun investigating the idea of converting the EF adaptor’s drop-in filter to various IR/UV specifications, and I came across a promising post by Innocent_Bystander. The post appears to be closed, so I couldn’t reply in order to ask for guidance on how to convert the drop-in filters. I’m hoping to get some help, as I begin to set up my kit for Full Spectrum photography. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Maybe @Richard.Dane could re-open the thread for you?

If the OP would like a thread re-opened then they just need to let me know.

Sorry, to clarify for future reference, do you mean the OP of the original thread or CarSpy ?

OP of original thread, unless there’s a particularly important reason why it should be re-opened regardless. Otherwise just start a new thread, as has happened here.

@Richard.Dane, yes, please re-open it!

I was already thinking I’d need to ask so as I want to post some photos in there!

No problem, do you have a link to the thread or its title?


Just opened for you.

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Hi Richard, I went to post the pics and couldn’t get in. Did I not react fast enough? Woruld you mind opening again, please?

Thanks very much.

Opened again for you IB.

Thanks, Richard

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