Cans for hearing aid user

I have recently gained electronic ears and now find the wearing of my B&W on ear ‘phones rather uncomfortable. With this in mind I was wondering if there are any over ear closed back headphones that similarly enhanced users could please recommend. My preference for convenience would be wireless units to enable me to listen to my music whilst others watch tv etc. Cheers

Hello, when I auditioned closed-back headphones, with my (left-only) hearing aid on, the FOCAL ELEGIAs I bought have proved outstandingly comfortable, to say nothing of being breathtakingly good sonically! (Compared to B&W P9s at the time). From your point of view, they may not be ideal as although “closed back” they do leak a small amount into a silent room, but this may be masked if others are listening to other open-air material (or on their own headphones, of course).
Happy auditioning!

I too benefit(?) from assisted hearing and yes headphones seem to be problematic.
This issue I had is that both of the phones I used, Sennheiser open backed and Audio-Technica closed backed would reset my Phonica hearing aids every 20 or 30 seconds.

As I mostly use headphones on trains and in public places I decided to go for closed back ones and after trying some on in John Lewis found that Sennheiser PXC550 not only sounded good (well as good as Bluetooth can sound) but don’t interfere with my hearing aids. These fit over the ear not on the ear and the Bluetooth connectivity works flawlessly with both my Macs and Iphone.

Hope this helps.

Rather than use hearing aids with headphones I use Roon’s parametric EQ to create a curve to compensate for my hearing loss. I find this works best with headphones whereas with speakers in a room I prefer my hearing aid “music” setting.


If I only used headphones at home then I too would probably remove my hearing aids and use some sort of EQ but when out and about having to quickly refit them just to decipher a garbled tannoy announcement or order a brew from the drinks trolley etc gets to be a pain very quickly. So alas, a compromise was necessary.


Thanks to those who have responded to my plea. I will do some more research. I hadn’t thought about the EQ route so this may be a way forward, though I was hoping for a wireless solution and to keep the boxes down to a minimum.

Just a thought, I know you have recently acquired your aids, and in the spirit of ‘upgraditis’

I have a pair of Phonak Audeo P90-R (Paradise range) hearing aids which have Bluetooth connection so I can l listen to music etc in the comfort of my own head! With what I think is pretty good sound quality.

My audiologist deals with both Phonak and Widex and there was a choice between the Phonak which I’m wearing and a Widex moment model. From a sound point of view they are at polar opposite of the sound spectrum. Phonak at the clean crisp analytical end with the Widex at the warm possibly more “HiFi” sound.
I went with the Phonaks because in my circumstances the increased connectivity options.

I have Phonak P 90s too but find their Bluetooth for music a bit thin and bass light, bright even. Whereas for talk radio they are excellent, but then again we all hear differently.


Yes there not very meaty down low but most of my listening is outside whilst working rather than sitting down for a listening session.

Update to my OP - Father Christmas got my letter and am please say I’m now the owner of a pair of PX7’s. so far very impressed, although with the hearing on I do get a little low level feedback from my right one!
Also, is it me, or do phones take some time to bed down, as speakers do? I ask because they do seem to be sounding better the more I listen…

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