Cant find my US anymore

Hi. Just moved to a new house and installed everything and my system is working very well here too.
Only problem now is my pc (W10) cant find my my Unitiserve anymore. Dont know why because they are on the same network and Wifi. So what happend?
Any idea?

Yes, what happened is that when you powered down the network . . . moved house . . . and reinstalled the network, the system that assigns internal IP addresses to your network devices assigned the UServe an IP address different than what it has previously. This is PERFECTLY NORMAL and AS INTENDED.

But your laptop is looking for the UServe on the old internal IP address.

I’m not a Windows user, but surely you can have your laptop look for the UServe again, and re-connect to it using its current internal IP address.

OK is it like this.
I looked at app for my US and my new IP adress was greyed out.
So i activated it. Now showing green.
But my PC still cant find it.

Now your Naim App is seeing it, but your PC still isn’t.

Have you forced the PC to look for it? Or can you find its IP address on your own, and tell your PC to use that IP address? You need to do one or the other. Perhaps someone who knows Windows 10 can be more helpful.

I am a novice with data.
How can i force my pc to look for the adress?
Adress is shown on my US app.

If the US now has an IP address, try restarting your router, US, and computer, and that should prompt them to find each other.

Didnt work either!

Found my IPv4 adress on my my pc now.
And its not the same shown on my app for Unitiserve!
Do i need to manually change the adress inside the app?

From the title, I thought this was one of those political threads.


In Windows 10, SMB1 is disabled by default since a couple of months back and you need to turn SMB1 back on in your W10 PC because the Unitiserve uses SMB1 to talk to your PC.

If you search on google you will easily find how to do it.


Hi Oldneil.

I am not sure what you are saying here.

For clarity in regards to a network every device on it has its own unique IP address.

In the uk its typically or where xxx is the unique number given

Your PC will have one and so to will you US.

You have two choices here in my mind one download the naim IP tool. launch it and it should find your US and tell you the IP. or download Advanced IP Scanner for windows, which will do the same. The Advanced IP tool will show you all things on your network, so you might find the naim IP tool easier to use.

Once you know the ip on windows 10 open an explorer window and on the left click network, it may moan network discovery si turned off, if so turn it on and click the top choice for the options it gives. It will scane the network. Its highly likely the US will not show. Windows 10 is a modern operating system following new and robust network protocals, the US, is well, windows XP imbedded from way back in the day.

Once the network scan finishes in the address bar of the explorer window type \usipaddress (where usipaddress is the ip your naim ip tool found). For some reason this forum software will not allow two back slashes to be entered but its two back slashes followed by the ip address.

It should load your folders, you probably then want to select downloads folder and right click it and ‘map network drive’ follow the wizard for that and you should be set

Any networks drives already mapped from your previous house should be ‘disconnected’ by right clicking them.

Thx Gary!
The ip tool found it.
Needed to type username and password only.
Now i can see my download folder again.
Many thanks!,

All good.

SMB, the network protocol for all this has advanced over the years to be more secure and devices using it really should have kept up imo.

Indeed. The Core has kept up, but the US, HDX and NS0x have embedded windows XP and Naim aren’t developing that firmware anymore.


it happens regularly. Restart your router, unitserve, streamer ( wait first that ethernet is working again) and restart your pc. It will very probably work again.

You really ought to read the thread first before posting this sort of generic advice!

My dear David, the OP said « my pc could not find my unitserve anymore « , so it means that before the pc was finding it, not ?
I have a pc too and had before the unitserve. I had same problems also.
Perhaps there is another way to resolve this problem, but i was restarting all and the unitserve was appearing again.

Sincerely, your true love

The OP said he moved to a new house, which means a new broadband provider and so rebooting stuff that he only just turned on isn’t likely to help much is it?

As I say, you should read the OP’s post and the subsequent discussion before giving advice, imho of course.

maybe not maybe yes. Nothing to loose to try. The unitserve is often lost in the sharing, a lot have reported. But the problem is more probably elsewhere as you pointed. You are the specialist here, nobody can deny it.

Well it’s kind of you to say so, but I don’t claim to be a US expert, although I had one for several years and so did learn a lot. But there are others here who know far more than me.

I probably do know more about UnitiCore than Unitiserve though…



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