Can't sleep so I am listening to my system at 4 AM

Sometimes work stress wakes me up for a few hours in the middle of the night.

Increased exercise, no naps, no screens (social media/TV /computer) an hour before going to bed and listening to relaxing music while in bed (on a timer) solves my sleep issues.

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Drink lots of water. The less toxins in your body the easier it is to relax.
You know when after a few extra nods after from first waking up - then feeling more tired and exhausted- your body is working hard getting rid of them.
Subconsciously keeping us from sleeping.

Most of us will stay away from drinking water at night due to prostate issues.

I often get the night terrors. Waking up frozen in panic with a sense of a malicious entity in the room. Not being sure if I’m awake or dreaming.


I was surprised to read a while back that the notion of sleeping through the night is a relatively modern construct in humans. It used to be the norm to have two “sleeps” with a break in the middle where people would get up and read, write, do whatever. Mentioned in a number of old books, Dickens I seem to recall……


@Analogmusic Not sure what speakers you are using on your main rig, but the small one begs for a pair of Special 40 with proper Stands 20.

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Yes, though it is far older than Dickens and can be found in the medieval and classical periods.

Dickens often walked at night from London into Kent. He sometimes walked into the slums with police detectives or with his friend Wilkie Collins to perhaps visit opium dens or brothels.


I also read about the different sleep patterns on the web site.

It has brought a sense of relief to discover that my body is following its natural pre Industrial Revolution pattern. Fascinating.

I shall be abroad to night searching for opium dens knowing that the brothels would be too great a tax on the old body.


Perhaps reading Dickens’ The Mystery of Edwin Drood might be a healthy alternative! Or Thomas De Quincey Confessions of an English Opium Eater. I find audio books send me to sleep.

Yes I have Audible on Alexa. I find the 30second back stop useful as it is usually a minute or two before I realise I haven’t heard a word. Zzzzzz

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Mate, can you turn that bl**dy music down, it’s 4 in the morning and some of us are trying to sleep!


The KLF used to be known as the Timelords.


Wow this brings back memories for sure

I either can’t sleep at all… stay up all night… then nap in the day or get up early do all the stuff I need to do and sleep the day away.

If I’m struggling to sleep, I will lay on the sofa and play ambient music at low volume , personal faves being Robert Rich, Steve Roach or Marconi Union.

Try Rich’s “Somnium” album - 7hrs long. Designed to accompany you whilst sleeping or ‘Blood Moon’ by Roach - 5hrs of ambient sounds.

That was a fascinating read thanks.

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I’ve been struggling with sleep for a few months. Normally I’d go to bed around midnight to 1am get a good 6-7 hours and been occasionally have an early night (9.30pm). However it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed now I toss and turn for hours and if lucky get an hour then wake and the struggle starts over again. Last weekend I got about 4 hours sleep between Friday and Sunday.

Sleep isn’t my best friend.


How did the scavenging go? Any juicy murders?

Not really surprising given your present circumstances.

I’m no expert at all but I do have a suggestion for you that often works for me.

When you at on bed try reading a long book that you find a boring (or a difficult) read. Dickens or War & Peace do it for me despite enjoying radio & TV adaptations.

Seriously, this type of things usually sends me off.

Also currently doing the same thing is the 1,200 page instruction manual for my new camera & the 1,300 page book I bought that attempts to explain the makers manual in terms you can understand…

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I don’t read a lot and (stupidly) usually use the TV, my insomnia was so bad the night that I even watched snooker live of course. I would have thought that that would have did the trick even that didn’t work.


I’ve never read in bed, but maybe I should.

Since Covid broke I have started reading, never did much before, however I generally cannot read more than a few pages before I have a nap.

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