Car Value to HiFi

Just a little bit of fun to see peoples priorities.
The ratio of peoples Car Value to hifi value. I propose new Hifi value what ever age and new car value if 3 years old or less. If older than 3 years second hand value on the car. And only one car (best) and one hifi (best) if you have multiples of either.

Mine is over 1:10 to hifi. This is pretty shocking to me.

Olive system but probably about equal value with secondhand value of the car

I think my HiFi holds its value better than my Alfa, I dare not do the calc.!


More Olive here, about half the value of my van, but about the same value as one of my mountain bikes. Eek! (that’s just the black boxes btw).

I have no car so my hifi is infinitely more expensive. And bike:hifi is 1:10

It’s probably at least 10 to 1 in favour of the hi-fi, but then, that just proves that I have my priorities right … though I do love my car too!

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Hifi worth about 3 x my car but less than one fifth the value of my motorcycles. Reckon that’s about how it should be.

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Pretty much 1:1.

About the same as @timmo1341 - but that could change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

just over 10:1 ratio in favour of hifi (naim/kudos/linn/witch hat)

It’s a lease car, but 1:3 in favour of the car.

Quality audio holds its price very well in comparison with bread and butter cars and quite a few German and Japanese brands, even expensive ones. Used large screen TVs drop like a stone.
The only person who seems to make money with cars is Wayne Carini, but that’s a TV show.
If you want to see real money in action and this puts us well behind, take a look at AUCTION on Sky Arts, Freeview channel 11 and the price painting go for plus the buyers premium. There are people with the money to drop nearly £100 million on something to hang on the wall.
Which is back to taking a punt on something and hoping for a profit down the line.
At least my LP12 is not rusting ourside in the snow and won’t get a supermaket trolley ding in Waitrose.
One of the quipes in the Sales Office by a guy with a pretty good judge of a situation was," Are you buying or selling"?

Price i paid for my car < supernait

1:8 car to HiFi.

I’m guessing you have something like a Sony PS-F9 then? Or do you simply not listen to anything when shopping?

Another without a car, 6:1 HiFi:motorcycle but when I had a windfall it was the new bike I bought before replacing my 282 with a 552.

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2:1, hifi:car

Usage hifi 3 hours/day; car 1 hour/week

Using the new value of the active DBL system in comparison to my 11 year old Mondeo diesel estate…I reckon about 40:1 in favour of the hi-fi.



About 20:1 in favour of hifi.

My car is rather nice, an Audi TT Turbo Quattro 230, but 20 years old this year. I’m basing on the cost of the car nearly 3 years ago, could be 30 or more now.

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Audio - car about 40:1