Carbon fibre musical instruments (string)

A thread for discussion of stringed instruments constructed from carbon fibre instead of traditional wood.

Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of carbon fibre cellos? My son is contemplating a CF cello, but finding anywhere to audition is difficult, ade worse of course by COVID.

I’m aware of seven manufacturers of CF cellos:
Karbontasarim (German, or possibly Turkish), Mezzo Forte (German), Luis & Clark (USA), Glasser Carbon (USA), Prima Sonoro (Canada), Carbon Klang (Germany, expensive) and Ricci (Austria, expensive).

My son auditioned a Luis & Clark (in Britain) a couple of years ago but wants to compare with others. I’ve contacted the manufacturers, so far with Glasser saying can only audition in the US, and Karbontasarim saying they’re presently only making to order. Is anyone aware of any other makes, and/or anywhere that some of these can be auditioned, ideally in Britain, otherwise in a COVID green list European country?

And does anyone have experience playing a CF cello, if so what model, and what do you think of it?

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