Cardiacs’ front man Tim Smith has passed away

He was ill for a long time, and the Cardiacs were on hiatus since 2008. I remember hearing them for the first time late 80’s when a couple of friends at uni had their albums on tape. I hadn’t heard anything quite like it.

Saw Cardiacs in Oxford in the early 90’s and couldn’t get my head round that their music and performance could even exist (I was young!). Became an instant fan.

A friend of mine is an avid fan. He’ll be devastated.

I lived across the road from Tim and Sarah for many years during my mid-teens and I was just getting into music. Their wonderful music made huge impression on me and has continued to do so for 30 years
I bumped into him subsequently and he remembered me and was super friendly and asked after my Mum and Dad
A lovely, lovely man and a unique, exceptional musician

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