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Thank you for your advice everyone;So time has passed and I am finally ready to upgrade my AT VM95E.
Systemdek IIX RB250 arm with Michell technoweight & VTA adjuster.(cork/rubber mat)Origin Live DC motor & ultra speed control.GS communicator 2+ PSU. Naim Nait 5i. Monitor Audio GS10.


GRADO Gold 3

From what I can gather the phono amp is lean,Amp neutral light on bass thump but defined.These statements please contradict etc; I listen to rock blues jazz acoustic and world little classical. Warm cartridges Grado Goldring , Punchy Nagaoka, AT clinical detailed ???

Thank you for time

Just a thought but I’m interested in AT VM95SH and one of these.
IPT RigB 95 - Metal Body Upgrade For Audio-Technica VM95 Cartridges.
I’d imagine this a good step up before spending too much. :+1:t2:

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1042 on my Project Perspective.
It will be due for change later this year.
I am considering Sumiko MM (Amethyst or Blue Point No.3) amongst others, including a replacement G1042🙂

Goldring 1042, a legendary MM cartridge…takes some beating at its’ price point. Also has a relative low cost replaceable stylus.

I have one on a SME3009/TD160… the younger son ‘borrowed’ it…from memory (I had it in service for a while) it was very good.

Have a good Sunday.

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I ran a Systemdek IIX with an OL DC motor for many years. Goldring 1042 was my cartridge choice and it has been carried over to my Michell Orbe SE.

The 1042 is a fantastic cartridge, well worth a look!

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Mp200 a bit hollow sounding, G 1042 is a sibilant cart, AT 750SH is best tracker but a bit lean, Grado is warmish and full.

Thank you all.I am going for GOLD it will run RINGs around my budget audio technica.And if i recall back in the day when i unknowingly fell upon;( metaphorically later literally ) and bought my first turntable a second hand Thorens TD150 for a bunch of 10ners, and that was 42 years ago the answer to everything back then was 42. We are all spinning there’ll be a bit of flutter setting it up but then comes the WOW! You were the Tipping Point !!!

VM740ML and G1042 are very close to each other, both truly excellent performers.

Now I have calmed down….Thank you all for your advice ! I have chosen a Goldring 1042 because the quality of the stylus and a good price (378€) Furthermore I am guessing this cartridge will be the best match for my Gram amp2 and Nait5i. Should I be thinking of upgrading the arm to an Audiomods Classic III tonearm (£695) or a better GS phonostage:Reflex (£695).I am curious as to what you think is the weak point in my system ? a cheaper option would be an Incognito re-wire. I have read that I may have upgraded the cartridge beyond the capacity of my set up to fully realise the cartridges potential. Thank you for your time and experience, much appreciated.:pray:


I ran a 1022 and 1042 (different stylus, same Roksan Corus blue body) on a Systemdek IIXE 900/Tabriz for years - I don’t think it’s overkill.

I also added a GS Accession phono stage to that setup whilst auditioning Systemdek replacements, and was very impressed by the uplift over its predecessors (the XS built in stage, and a Stageline N). I wouldn’t worry about what you suggest at all, I suspect it will sound lovely, and make a noticeable improvement. [edit: I mean after the stylus replacement I think I’d stick, leave the phono stage and arm for a while]

Even after all that, I would say your system doesn’t have an obvious weak point. I’d sit tight and buy more records :slight_smile:

I did consider maxing out my own Systemdek, but decided on replacing it instead. Careful auditioning if you do, I ended up with a 1200G and DV 10x2 to appreciably improve on it. I wasn’t completely convinced by a Vertere DG1/magneto when I auditioned them back to back.

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