Cartridge for an "S" stageline

rp6 with Clearaudio Clarify arm (Maestro V2 MM currently mounted)

looking to get into the MC world and concerned with matching impedance
and levels of the cart with the “S”

That’s a very unusual combination of deck and arm, what’s the story there?

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well, it doesn’t fit so learned that the hard way but a couple hours of filing helped

best upgrade i’ve ever made to my system; better than the hicapDR on the stageline even
i truly believe the arm is heart of the turntable

Hi, I recently fitted a Denon DL103 ( apparently difficult to match!)into my Ittok and sounds great through the Stageline S into SN1. I contacted Naim who said it will work fine. It’s worth asking Naim on your thoughts of cartridge.

Clearaudio do a very nice LO MC - The Concept - which would probably be a good match. I haven’t heard it myself, but for the relatively affordable price (£750 in the UK), the spec looks good, with a micro-line stylus, a ceramic coated magnesium alloy body, and a 0.42mV output. Well worth checking out, I reckon.

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