Cartridge for NA323/3 phono boards

Hello everyone,
I recently purchased the NAC 62 (NA322 MM phono cards installed) + HICAP + NAP250 CB trio.
I currently use a LINN ADIKT on my turntable (Roksan Xerxers + PSU with TABRIZ ZI tonearm).
The seller of the trio gave me a box with two NA323 / 3 cards which if I understand correctly are the S type phono boards therefore for MC cartridge.
Could you recommend a Mc cartridge to be used with the S phono and compatible with the Tabriz Zi arm?

NA323/3s are getting on a bit now and may well need a service. Pretty much any low output MC will work with them. Dynavectors are ideal, as an example.

which Dynavector? considering the 9gr of mass of Tabriz

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