Cartridge for Prefix K

Greetings from Colorado. Just moved here from California, and this is my first post on the new forum- posted on the old one many years ago. Glad to see several familiar names. I’ve been happily listening to HDX/282/SuperCap/250-2/Allaes. But I also have my LP12 (from Chris Brooks c1983)/Ittok/Denon DL 103R/Armageddon/Prefix K which has been rarely used these last 5-6 years. All Fraimed. Now I have a much better sounding room (concrete floor, walls), the Denon is shot so I am after ideas for a cartridge to match the Prefix K. I don’t want another Denon- it was adequate but never moved me much (and the 2.5 g tracking weight bothers me). In the past I’ve had a few Linn Karmas and a couple of Klydes. I very much enjoyed these but wanted to spend less which is why I tried the Denon.

I’m after something that will last a while (is 5 years unreasonable, 10 albums a week?). Is there anything less $ than the Linn Krystal that I should consider. I’ve been out of HiFi product changes for a long time so just trying to get my bearings. Can an AT-OC9 work with a Prefix K? FWIW, there is a Linn dealer an hour away but its very hard to audition anything meaningful. This really is where the forum can be a great help to those of us overseas.

Also, am I missing anything ‘obvious’ to improve the system? I have no power lines, Burndies, no power supply for the Prefix other than the pre-amp. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Hi Wayne, I have used both the OC9 and Krystal with Stagelines which are effectively the same as your Prefix. The OC9 was great, good detail with a bright presentation that worked well with the slightly ‘darker’ Stageline S.

The move up to Krystal was significant though. I also changed the S to a K which was another worthwhile increase in performance. So, what would be my suggestion? Go the extra mile for the Krystal as it will get the perfect loading from your Prefix. Although more expensive remember it has a minimum trade in value down the line which helps a little. Just my thoughts of course.


The OC9 MLII works very nicely with the LP12 and Ittok, and also will work well with a Prefix (K is fine here ). Also bear in mind that AT have just released the latest in the OC9 series, the OC9X range. The OC9XML looks to be an update on the old MLII, whereas the OC9XSH looks rather interesting with its shibata stylus.

Hi Wayne. If you’re anywhere near Fort Collins, Rick at Audio Alternative is one of the best.

Thanks Stu, your suggestion is much appreciated. Guess I’ll listen to a Krystal as a starter. And thanks Richard for the OC9 info. I’m curious about the “K is fine here” comment- not always so though?

Bhoyo, I am indeed close to Fort Collins (I’m in Boulder)- really appreciate the helpful I info about Rick.

K is just fine - I have used a Prefix K with an OC9MLII with excellent results.